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Bangistan Full Movie download

Two blundering terrorists with lofty ideologies, but ordinary talent, on a mission to change the world.


 Karan Anshuman


 Puneet Krishna, Sumit Purohit, 1 more credit 


 Jacqueline Fernandez, Riteish Deshmukh, Rajesh Sharma


Bangistan is a whip smart and uproarious satire on fundamentalism and the story of two unlikely terrorists, the antitheses of each other, with a common destructive goal. Concerned by the unrest in the name of religion, Subcontinental leaders of Muslims and Hindus, the Imam and the Shankaracharya, announce that they're attending the International Peace Conference in Krakow in a joint effort to help unite the two religions in perpetual harmony. Rival rabble-rousing ragtag organizations, the Islamist Al-Kaam Tamam and right-wing political party Maa Ka Dal separately recruit and brainwash Hafeez and Praveen to suicide bomb the conference so that they may continue to wield their local influence. After a rigorous, and hilarious, 'training' period the two men switch their religious identities to stay under the radar. Hafeez, the jihadi, masquerades as a conservative Hindu, Ishwarchand; while Praveen, the Hindu soldier, dons the garb of a practicing Muslim, Allahrakha. Focused on the mission,... Written by Dhruvi Dokania

Bangistan Movie Reviews

By the promos, one expects a hilarious laugh riot which sounded amazing, extremely novel and different. But what the film offers is a big let-down. The film runs with a snail's pace. The director is unclear whether he wants to deliver his message through humour and satire or moralizing lecturing.

Initially Bangistan promises a bang and showers hints of satire in almost every scene, dialogue and frame; but runs out of impressive ideas and additions soon after the successful take-off. In this supposedly comedy film, there are just handful of moments that bring a smile on your face and most of the time, you just stare in horror at the pointless stuff happening in front of you. The film's music somehow is a relief.

Riteish Deshmukh was the eye among the blind. Though he was confused most of the times. Pulkit Samrat was the epitome of over-acting. Jacqueline Fernandez's role was a mere blink & miss in 3-4 scenes & 1 song. She was not required at all & was used as a prop. Aarya Babbar was funny in 1 or 2 scenes. The performances of rest were unsound.

The problem with ‪‎Bangistan‬ is that it tries to be too many things at the same time. The film's promos promise a comedy however, the jokes soon start falling flat one after the other. Then the director suddenly decides to make a preachy film with a social message on religious harmony. It's ultimate undoing lies in its desperate lunge towards delivering a message in the climax (which was the saving grace).
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