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Tevar Full Movie download

Caught in the middle of a lethal unrequited love, an athlete protects a young woman from an unwanted marriage.


 Amit Sharma


 Gunasekhar, Shantanu Srivastava


 Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpayee |


Pintoo is a young Kabbadi player at Agra who goes to factionism-hit Mathura, where in a twist of fate, he saves Radhika from Gajendar Singh. Gajendar Singh is a dangerous faction leader, who is in love with Radhika and wants to marry her against her wishes. Pintoo brings Radhika to his house in Agra and decides to hide her until they can ensure her safe escape. This plan is complicated by the fact that Pinto's father is the police officer tasked by Gajendar Singh to locate Radhika. Written by Anonymous

Tevar Movie Reviews

There is very fine line between courage and stupidity. This film tries to show courage but outcome is stupidity. I am unable to understand that what was that, which lured makers to buy remake right of Telgu film Okkadu, or have they changed this one so much that soul of original is dead? Director Mr. Amit Ravindranath Sharma is technically apt but creatively not. Story is very old and routine. Screenplay by Director himself and Shantanu Srivastva offers some new approach towards old happenings. Dialogues by Shantanu Shrivastava is good. Major drawbacks of this film are love scenes and action scenes, which had to be the backbone. You never feel the reason behind love. Both protagonist and antagonist almost fell for her as if any one can fell for her and go up to extent of sacrificing life. If you protect a person then you have to fall for!? Action sequences are just for violence. Neither approach is new nor visuals. Actor builds up tension by his performance but his vow to remain in undergarments makes it funny. You wont be able to feel the tension or fun at all. Same way, they show love song in a chasing sequence. Again you neither enjoy the love track neither the thrill. Festival Holy is inserted just for visual enhancement but when they travels to another city, their vehicle has full stains of color but this city is too far from any note of color, when it was supposed to be the same day or next day of Holi. Climax is lengthy and boring. The chemistry between Hero and her sister is very good and maximum credit goes to the actress who performed the sister character. Performance wise again Manoj Bajpayee is outstanding. You love his performance and presence on screen even playing negative character. His performance at the time of interval again shows his caliber. Arjun Kapoor is good. Sonakshi Sinha is fine. Raj Babber, Rajesh Sharma are OK. Subrat Dutta as Kakdi is very good. The actress, who played Pinki, lead actor sister is very impressive. Music by Sajid-Wajid is good.

Tevar Full Movie download Tevar Full Movie download Reviewed by fit your body on 11:57 AM Rating: 5

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